Sunday, May 29, 2016

Comparing Siebel component parameters

Sometimes I get some ideas for a new post on this blog but usually I don't have the time to write it down to completion. To not loose completely the opportunity, usually I start a post with only some basic notes and leave it for future review.

That's exactly how this post started. :-)

I was asked some time ago to provide performance information about EAI components deployed in a specific Siebel Enterprise. A very basic step-by-step receipt to recover those details are listed below:
  • Find which servers have the EAI components deployed
  • Get those parameters for each server
  • Generate a (hopefully) nice to read report of it.
If I want just to compare values, Siebel already has the cfgmerge tool for that. Here is a nice reference about it:

Since I'm a fan of srvrmgr program (in detriment of using IE + Siebel Web Client + CRTL C + CRTL V) and was on a Linux environment, that is how I did it (after connecting to the Siebel Enterprise to check which servers had the component):

srvrmgr> list comp EAI%


someserver01|EAIObjMgr_enu|EAI Object Manager (ESN)|EAIObjMgr|EAI     |Interactive|Activated         |Auto        |0               |20          |1                |1               |2014-10-23 01:37:37|           |            |            |
someserver02|EAIObjMgr_enu|EAI Object Manager (ESN)|EAIObjMgr|EAI     |Interactive|Activated         |Auto        |0               |100         |1                |5               |2014-10-23 01:15:09|           |            |            |
someserver03|EAIObjMgr_enu|EAI Object Manager (ESN)|EAIObjMgr|EAI     |Interactive|Activated         |Auto        |0               |100         |3                |5               |2014-10-23 01:24:14|           |            |            |

I could also used the Server Group feature (if implemented) for that but that was not the case. And then I added following commands to a text file named "params.txt":

list param MaxTasks for component EAIObjMgr_enu
list advanced param MaxSharedDbConns for component EAIObjMgr_enu
list advanced param MinSharedDbConns for component EAIObjMgr_enu
list param MaxMTServers for component EAIObjMgr_enu
list param MinMTServers for component EAIObjMgr_enu
list param BusObjCacheSize for component EAIObjMgr_enu

And applying a bit of Bash scripting:

$ for i in $(seq 1 3); do srvrmgr -e ENTERPRISE -g $SIEBEL_GATEWAY -u sadmin -p PASS -s "someserver0${i}" -i $HOME/params.txt -o $HOME/params.out -b; cat $HOME/params.out >> "$HOME/params_result_${i}.txt"; done; rm $HOME/params.out

And done! Right? No... some more editing will be required here to get a nice table with the information per server. Boring.

When I wrote Siebel::Srvrmgr I thought it would be a better idea to make something generic to be reused later. That's a nice example of that, enter Siebel::Params::Checker.

Built upon Siebel::Srvrmgr, the Siebel::Params::Checker distribution provides the command line program (not a very creative name, I know) that does exactly the steps I gave above plus generating a nice to read (hopefully) HTML report.

And you should get something like that after the program finishes (you're on your own to open the HTML file):

Enjoy it! Release 0.001 is already available on CPAN, 0.002 should follow in the next few days.